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Intermediate Rosemaling #3291











Intermediate  Rosemaling Techniques In

Scandinavian  Authentic  and Traditional Art

  • ·         Joan Dahl has researched Authentic Rosemaling for 17 years in its homeland of Norway.
  • ·         There she studied with several of the past Old Masters.
  • ·         She taught the Norwegians their own art at the Norwegian University
  • ·         Now also you can learn from her over 30 years experience as a Rosemaling teacher and author.


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Joan Dahl is one of the finest Rosemaling artists and teachers of our time. Through her books and DVD's she is dedicated to provideing you with inspiring and easy to follow steps on how to become an authentic Rosemaler. If you are a beginner, she will teach you the basics to get you started the correct way. Should you be an advanced painter, she will show you how to get even better by you learning how to Rosemal the original and traditional way of the great Master Painters of Norway.  She studied with many of these Master Rosemaling artists while living in Norway.

Rosemaling is an over 1000 year old art form which was copied by the roving Vikings in the 8th.century from the Greek and Roman acanthus leaf design. The Vikings used to carve the form of the leaves on their war ships as a decoration and protections from all evil spirits, sea monsters and other dangerous threats that might face them during their long journeys from the North to other distant places in the world.

Joan has been a Rosemaling teacher since 1976 and has published several Rosemaling books and many articles in the wold's leading art publications. During her 17 years of researching this Scandinavian art form in its homeland of Norway, much of her time was spent in Rosemaling museums and private collections. Most of the years Joan lived in Norway, she also taught Norwegian students their own national art form at the Norwegian Folk University.

Since 2001 Joan has had her own art studio on the western coast of Florida next to the Gulf of Mexico. However, not everyone who wishes to take advantage of her vast teaching knowledge has the opportunity to attend her Florida studio seminars or her classes at national art conventions. Therefore, in cooperation with Martin/F. Weber Co., Joan has after years of requests from many of these painters, finally produced her first collection of Rosemaling DVD's. As you may know this fine company is one of the world's leading art supply manufacturers and America's oldest art supply manufacturer, founded in 1853. Joan was first introduced to this great organization by Priscilla Hauser in the late seventies, when Priscilla conducted art seminars at the Dahl House Art Center, located in Solvang, California.

Short of attending a workshop with Joan in person, there is no better way to get the in depth and one on one Rosemaling instructions that her fantastic DVD's provide. You will gain insight and gather tips and tricks that you might otherwise never know. Even the most intensive painting workshops don't let you get as close as you may like to the instructors. Teachers cannot take the necessary time to repeat vital instructions until you have grasped  the concepts that the teachers are trying to show you.

Joan's DVD's offer you the opportunity not only to see her authentic Rosemaling techniques up close, but to study and review the lessons as often as you need to thoroughly understand them. Now you can gain much of the inspiration and technical knowledge that Joan has to offer by taking her workshops in the comfort of your own home thanks to these great DVD's. The entire DVD Collection "Getting Started with RosemalinG" will cost only a fraction of what you would expext to pay for one night of motel accommodations, and other expences related to attending out of town seminars.


Original Norwegian hand painted and traditional Rosemaling artwork makes unique gifts to yourself and others...!


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