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Join New Scrapbooking Group
As you may have noticed, Joan is really getting into her new original technique of combining her over 30 years of Rosemaling experience with the modern Scrapbooking. The "old timer" Scrapbookers have never seen her unique new way of doing this craft and are all so amazed over how much richer it looks than what they are used to doing themselves.
In addition to the upcoming November Scrapbooking and Rosemaling combination Seminar, we are trying to invite locals to getting into this as well by sending out some of the below emails. Do you think that this is a good idea?

Are you interested in Scrapbooking?

 If you are, please help us in starting a local Scrapbooking group. Bring your friends and let’s start creating scrapbook memories together..! Don't you agree that nothing captures your life and your family history quite like Scrapbooking? Photos and home movies are great and do a lot to preserve memories. But Scrapbooking takes it one step further and gives you the chance to insert your special touch and personality. It brings your story to life in a way that only you can tell.

If you are interested, we could meet for one or more days a week away from other responsibilities. We already have an easy to find comfortable studio, only 11 miles north of Crystal River, with one turn off from Hwy. 19. Please see attached pictures. Our place is right on the beautiful Withlacoochee River. This is a great opportunity to meet other” Scrap bookers”, relax, pamper yourself and have lots of fun! As you may know, Scrapbooking is the practice of combining photographs, memorabilia, and written narratives, poetry, quotations, stories, or other textual content into a scrapbook style album. A few scrapbooks are mass produced, but most are unique, singular publications. They can contain an accumulation of all sorts of objects such as newspaper clippings, magazine articles, play bills, ticket stubs, pressed flowers, and locks of hair. Scrapbooks are often embellished with ribbon or other pieces of fabric, colorful graphics, and other artwork. These artifacts of history are attached to the album pages. Many different types of scrapbooks have been made including family histories, personal journals and memories, and historical records of organizations, military units, and other groups. Personal scrapbooks provide a unique view into the thoughts, lives, and activities of their creator(s). Some of the best and most valuable scrapbooks are simple, focused documents that are directed to one single topic or subject. Scrapbooking is the fastest growing craft industry in the United States.  


If you like to join us in creating this Scrapbooking Group, kindly send us an email to or call us at 352 447-4178 so we can discuss this in more details as well as possibly getting your personal suggestions.


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Available Qty: 10


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