3 Julegriser Unfinished with Pattern *FREE S/H* [Gris]

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3 Julegriser Unfinished with Pattern *FREE S/H*





New Higher Quality Julegris (Christmas Pig)



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Our Unfinished Christmas Ornaments are sold in sets of 3 with beautiful Patterns included and Color Coded Instructions on how to decorate the Ornaments as shown here. You will also learn how to mix the different Color Families and their values. Order yours today so you will have the Christmas Gifts for yourself and others finished in time. Christmas often arrives faster than expected.!

Fundamental to the yuletide feast is the Julegris (Christmas pig), fattened until the last waxing moon before Christmas. In addition to sylte (head cheese), it provided blodpudding (blood pudding), blodpølse (blood sausage), blodklubb (blood dumplings), and griselabber (pickled pigs feet). These pork delicacies could keep quite a few days in the chilly stabbur, or storehouse on the farms, where barrels and pails lined the walls and sausages, hams, and other dried meat hung in rows under the rafters. These dishes reflect the honored principle of Norway’s preindustrial, self-sufficient farms that discarding anything that could be eaten or used was both synd og skam (a sin and shame). Some even used the animal's bladder to make a hot water bottle, highly prized as an effective cure for rheumatism....!

 Today, many farmers do not participate in the slaughter, but bring the pig to a butcher who still cuts it in the traditional way for the time-honored Christmas Eve favorite Ribbe (pork ribs?). Many Christmas decorations and snacks are still made in the shape of the Julegris. Marzipan Griser in many sizes, are famous Christmas “goodies” in Norway.


Height: 2-1/4" (6 cm.)
Length: 4-3/4"(12 cm.)
Thickness: 1/4" (6 mm.)


Original Norwegian hand painted and traditional Rosemaling artwork makes unique gifts to yourself and others...!


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Available Qty: 71