"Norwegian" Tine [KTSm]

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\"Norwegian\" Tine

Norwegian Tine

 Height: 5-1/4" (13.5 cm.)
Length: 9 (23 cm.)

The following is what you will receive with all our Kits:

  • Detailed and easy to follow Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Large 8” x 11” Color Picture of the Finished Art Project
  • Numbered and Color Coded Tracing Pattern
  • Detailed Pattern [Embellished]
  • Practice Stroke Sheet
  • Surface

    We show the art supplies that we suggest you using.. These may also be ordered from us.

    Bentwood boxes have a long and illustrious history in Europe, spanning at least 3000 years. In Norway, examples dating from ad 840 were unearthed in a Viking ship found in Oseberg. These boxes were used by the rich and poor alike for storing anything from their most valuable possessions to cargo as humble as the day's lunch. These boxes came in a variety of sizes and shapes - oval, round, triangular or heart shaped. The small decorative boxes hold delicate objects such as needle and thread . The larger Tine versions are often used as lunch boxes and cake boxes. The cake boxes have a round hole in the bottom so one can push the cakes out of the Tine without damaging the pretty decorations.

    Since our Norwegian Tiner are NOT mass produced on a production line, but handcrafted one by one, the dimensions may vary a little. They are made by the Amish people that still show pride in their work. So we think that you will love the superb quality of these Tiner. We haven't seen similar craftsmanship since we left Norway. The wood is like satin with no splinters and sanding is not necessary at all.

 Original Norwegian hand painted and traditional Rosemaling artwork makes unique gifts to yourself and others...!

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Available Qty: 1