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Norwegian Trolls & Rosemaling Clearance*






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  • Beautiful Hard Cover Book that belongs in your bookshelf
  • Highest quality paper used on photos and printed pages
  • 64 Pages 
  • 31 Color pages 
  • 17 Exciting projects with easy Step by Step instructions in English & Norwegian
This book offers lots more art instructions than how to create Scandinavian Folk Art as Trolls and Rosemaling. The below shows you some of the painting techniques that you will learn in other art mediums as well. Some of these are how to paint:
  • Birch Trees
  • Clothes
  • Clouds
  • Daisies
  • Faces
  • Flower Bouquets
  • Foliage, Fur, Grass
  • Hands, Lumber logs
  • Moss, Mountains
  • Regular Trees
  • Tall Grass & Weeds
  • Trolls, Water
  • Wooden Planks and much more..

The book is the only one available that shows you in clear and understandable Step-by-Steps how to create enchanted and cute Troll creatures and Rosemaling as well as having instructions for many other mediums. 

Please see below pictures of some of the 17 beautiful and fun Projects featured in the book. We have also included a small part of the paterns and some of the text explanation. However, you will need the book to be able to see all the details in how to complete each project. If you have been searching for one good instruction book that will introduce you to and teach you Authentic Norwegian Rosemaling and Folklore in addition to all the other mediums in a easy to understand manner, this is the book for you! This art instruction book will teach you techniques that you normally may have to purchase several books to learn.....
This is a book that you will be proud of owning and it also makes excellent gifts for artists that appreciate other than the reasonable paper backs versions of art books. This book you store in your bookshelf. 
(The pictures on the front & rear book covers are also projects in the book)

 Front Hard Book Cover







Rear Hard Cover










This book has simple painting techniques for the beginners and challenging projects for the advanced painters. The projects are painted with the Joan Dahl's unusual perfection. Her exceptional ability of composition and color choice are clearly demonstrated in every project as well as in each perfect stroke. The large exquisite color pictures are an unforgettable experience in themselves. 

"Norwegian Trolls & Rosemaling" is the only book available showing in clearly and understandable step-by-steps how to create enchanted cute Troll-creatures on canvas and wood, combined with the beautiful and traditional art form of Norwegian Rosemaling and rich landscapes. Detailed color illustrations show you how to follow the author's wonderful technique. 

Rosemaling and Trolls have been an important part of Norwegian culture and literature for centuries. In this book Rosemaling is taught with a new trend setting method showing how you can recreate these traditions in painting. These teaching techniques are developed by the author's over 30 years of teaching Rosemaling and other mediums both in Norway, the Far East and USA. This includes 9 years at the Norwegian Folk University and 8 years in her own studio in Norway. Joan Dahl is the only known American artist that for 17 years taught the Norwegian their own folk art..! 

Trolls are the names of the supernatural large creatures that live in the Norwegian woods and mountains. They are closely related to Jøtnene which are described in the old Norwegian Folklore. The stories about Trolls are strongly flavored by fantasy. They are also in modern times part of the Norwegian folk poetry and fairy tales, but hardly believed in as anything else than fantasy beings. Joan has taken the liberty of creating her Trolls a lot less scary than usually portrayed. Many people even claim that her Trolls are kind of cute!

Rosemaling is an art form that is over 1000 years old, and was copied by the roving Vikings in the 9th century from the Greek and Roman acanthus leaf. They used to carve this leaf on their ships as decoration and protection from evil happenings. This is one of the earliest Rosemaling forms known.

Today's Rosemaling continues with the characteristically complex curving and interfacing of the organic decorations of the Viking Age. Today, the three prominent Rosemaling styles are Hallingdal, Rogaland and Telemark. With the loss of the original Master Rosemalers in Norway, there is a lack of good sources of instructions in the homeland of this beautiful art. There are no major teaching institutions available anymore. Several decades ago there used to be a Rosemaling School in a place called Sand in the southern part of Norway. But there are no major educational institutions available anymore or even proper places to display the art work, except for limited space in a few museums. The Norwegian authorities are! not supporting Rosemaling as they do with other art forms.

 The US has become the adopted homeland of Rosemaling. This started with the mass immigration from Norway in the second quarter of the nineteenth century when many Rosemalers moved to the New World. Much credit for this growing popularity must  be given to the great Vesterheim Norwegian-American museum in Decorah, Iowa. This is the US cultural center for priceless Norwegian art and heirlooms from the days of the first emigrants and up to modern times. Joan Dahl's art work is on permanent display there along with the other treasures.

One of the favorite objects of Rosemaling in Norway, was the storage trunk. This piece of furniture became the standard luggage of the immigrants. As a consequence, examples of Rosemaling came to America in an even greater numbers than the painters who produced this art and remained living in Norway. In the past, the connection between Rosemaling and America was largely due to historical circumstances. Today, a much more significant relationship is being established. The revival began with the immigrant groups, but soon attracted the attention of the broader American public. Rosemaling is now found in adult education programs and arts and crafts businesses all over the country. There are today many more Rosemalers in the US than in Norway!


Another Joan Dahl Rosemaling class in South Korea


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