Rosemaling Beginner Kit Nr. 1 [RBK#1]

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Rosemaling Beginner Kit Nr. 1




New Professional Quality

 <Rosemaling Beginner Kit Number 1>


This Is The Only One On The Market

Get Started with Your Rosemaling using the 

Correct Supplies and Authentic Painting Techniques

A perfect gift for everybody that may need a little "push" to get started with artwork 



KIndly See The Listing Below Of The Kit's Complete Content

The Rosemaling Beginner Kit Number 1 includes the following:


  •     37 ml. Tubes Of:
  •     Ivory Black
  •     Prussian Blue 
  •     Permalba White

Special Made Rosemaling Brushes:


      Fine professional Liner 


Brushes Included In The Beginner Kit #1:

  • Script Liner Number 1
  • Flat Bright   Number 2
  • Flat Bright   Number 4 

Miscellaneous Supplies:

  • Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Color Picture of the Finished Art Project
  • Palette Knife
  • Odorless Turpenoid by Martin/F. Weber Co. (4 oz.)
  • Linseed Oil by Martin/F. Weber Co. (4 oz)
  • 50 Sheet Package of Disposable Palette Paper 9" x 12" (23 cm, x 31 cm.)
  • Transfer Paper
  • Pattern                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Alphabet Sheet
  • Pre-background painted surface. Dimensions: 6-¾" x 10-½"  (17 cm. x  27 cm.) 

 Most people that are starting Rosemaling for the very first time, often are having problems in finding the proper art supplies for this exiting Scandinavian artform. The reason is that art stores are better stocked and know more about canvas, tolepainting and hobby crafts. The sales people usually know very liitle about what you need to start up your authentic Rosemaling. When you wind up with the wrong supplies for Rosemaling, it makes it hard and frustrating to learn how to learn, as well as it results in a big waste of money.

The below attractive Welcome Sign, is the first Rosemaling Project that you will learn to Rosemal. All the supplies you need to finish this and many future projects are included in the Beginner Kit. This also included the Wood Surface which is already background finished for you. All you havt to do is to start with your own artwook. With the proper care of these high quality art tools, they will last for many years to come.


This <Rosemaling Beginner Kit # 1> has all the correct supplies in professional high quality, not only to complete this one project, but many more of your future art creations. As long as you get used to taking proper care of your art supplies, you will find that fine quality gives you years of satisfactory use.  High quality paint does not only insure you that your color mixing will result in the correct colors, but you will use a lot less paint due to superior pigmentation compared with the student grade of paint. The colors are much richer and do not fade away. If you are not too experienced in knowing if you buy quality paint or not, look at the prices on the tubes. If they all are priced close to the same, they are NOT quality paint. In high quality paint, will for example Cadmium Yellow Medium cost about 160% more than Burnt Umber and Ivory Black. You will also enjoy the quality brushes included in this kit. The tools of the trade are so very important to make you fully enjoy this wonderful art form. By the way all the mediums are of the odorless type for your comfort.

We are offering a full teaching program starting with <Beginners Kit #1> following with <Rosemaling Beginner Kit Numbers 2, 3 and 4>. These are all built around the first Kit and include some new supplies to make it possible for you to improve your painting skills with each Kit you purchase. However, these Kits do NOT have duplicate supplies to what you already received as part of a previous Kit. The difficulty of each new Kit will increase to make it possible for you to become a more advanced Rosemaler as you continue to participate in this fun teaching program. And each additional Kit you purchase will contain only the addional supply you need to finish that Kit. But you must paint the Kits in the correct sequence, starting with Kit #1 and ending with Kit #4 to have the proper suppliers. 

For more details about the other 3 <Rosemaling Beginner Kits> that are a continuation of <The Beginner Kit #1>, please check these out in this section of the website . If you like, you may even order them all at the same time…!


 The following is what you will receive in all our Pattern Packets:  


          Detailed and easy to follow Step-by-Step   Instructions

          8” x 11" Color Pictures of the Finished Art Projects
·         Practice Stroke Sheet
          When a design calls for lettering work, an alphabet will be included with the packet.

You may use these patterns on wood projects, paintings, or for any number of folk art ideas and decorations. Visit our website often as new Rosemaling ideas are constantly added. And be sure to tell your painting friends about us. If you have any suggestions for new art projects that you would like to have added to our selection, please send suggestions to  Joan will also create custom designs for you as well as accepting custom painting orders for Rosemaling. 









Terms of Use: These patterns may be used solely for your personal, non-commercial use. You agree not to retransmit, distribute, sell, publish (in print, online or any other format), broadcast or circulate any of these patterns without the written permission of Joan Dahl. Should you want to use any of these for teaching, each student will have to purchase their own Pattern Package and NOT copy one. 

 Original Norwegian hand painted and traditional Rosemaling artwork makes unique gifts to yourself and others...!

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Available Qty: 1