Rosemaling Vol. 2. Norwegian Traditions At Its Best [R2]

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Rosemaling Vol. 2. Norwegian Traditions At Its Best


Rosemaling Vol. 2

Norwegian Traditions At Its Finest


Joan Dahl’s very popular Rosemaling Vol. 2 (Norwegian Traditions At Its Finest) is out of print and sold out like Rosemaling Vol. 1. However, the author has agreed to release a few copies of Rosemaling Vol. 2 from her own private collection. This is due to all the requests we have been receiving especially from Artists that own Vol. 1, but missed purchasing the second volume before they were sold out. So while they last, instead of paying higher prices for “used” Rosemaling 2 on places like Amazon or eBay, why not purchase these last new copies ever available to yourself or as gifts to Artist friends, directly from the author? Upon your request, Joan Dahl will also sign your books to make these even more special!


Written & Printed In Norway.

The Art Of Norwegian Rosemaling



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Front Page Of The Hardcover Rosemaling Book

Rear Page Of The Hard Cover Book

One Teaching Page Of Many!


By Joan Dahl


If you have been searching for good instruction books that will introduce you to Rosemaling in a simple manner and still be able to teach you every important detail in how to master this art, search no more... In Joan Dahl’s three Hard Cover Rosemaling books, you will find simple painting techniques for the beginner and challenging projects for the advanced painters. All the pictures and color instructions are beautifully featured by the books high quality printing and shinny paper. The large exquisite color pictures are an unforgettable experience by themselves. 

Joan's books are written in both English and Norwegian and are very popular gifts for anyone who is interested in art. The books <Rosemaling Volume 1> and <Rosemaling Volume 2> both have 48 pages and are organized in series with several basic palettes and teach all details in the creation of the colors for the different palettes. The painting techniques are shown clearly and understandably, step by step. The books also contain large selections of exciting designs, with about 65 beautiful art projects painted with usual perfection. A large foldout design paper is included in each book. Joan's exceptional ability of composition and color choice are clearly demonstrated in every project and in each perfect stroke. Both <Rosemaling Volume 1> and <Rosemaling Volume 2> are out of prints and only a limited amount of copies are still available of <Rosemaling Volume 2>. The <RosemalingVolume 1>. IS SOLD OUT. 

Joan Dahl is one of today's leading Rosemaling Painters and Authors. She is the only known American artist which moved to Norway and has been teaching the Norwegians their own art culture..! With over 30 years experience in teaching, both in her homeland of America and in Norway from 1985 to 2001, she has developed unique teaching techniques that make it easy for anyone to learn this beautiful and exciting art form. Now she and her Norwegian husband Thor have returned to Florida. You and your painting friends are invited to come and study Rosemaling with her at their new "resort" Rosemaling teaching facilities, right on the water next to the Gulf of Mexico. If you have your own boat, there is plenty of private dock space waiting for you next to their private beach. Call or email Dahl House Rosemaling Center for more information or do some additional surfing on this Website under <Seminars>.

*Original Norwegian hand painted and traditional Rosemaling artwork makes unique gifts to yourself and others...!

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