3-D GET WELL SOON Free F/H #935 [935]

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3-D GET WELL SOON Free F/H #935






3-Dimensional Individually Handmade

<GET WELL SOON> Greeting Card

Designed & Created by:

Joan Dahl


 Surprise somebody next time you send a greeting card by selecting this Uniquely Designed Card with its beautiful Embellishments and Accessories. You’ll never settle for a store bought mass-produced card again! Every card is carefully created and signed by the Artist. While manufactured greeting cards also generally are designed by artists, they are printed in mass quantities, in large cold impersonal factories and are not handmade one by one by the designing artist.

 The next time you need to send someone a Greeting Card, send them a Unique Handmade Greeting Card from Joan Dahl’s exquisite collection. This will show that special someone that you really care and took the extra time to research for a special card that is made exclusively for one person.

 It's too bad that we can't show you the below picture in 3-D so you would have been able to experience all the beautiful details. The 3-Demension Embellishments and Accessories on the cards unfortunately create unwanted shadows in the pictures. The writing and the rich decorations which are done in Gold or Silver do not show up properly in a website picture. However, when your cards arrive you will see how exquisite they really are and you’ll be ready to select lots more for your good friends and relatives who will keep your cards for a long time to be enjoyed as a memorial gift from you! 

The WHITE spots on the puppie are Gold thay didn't come thru in the picture






  Handmade 3-D Greeting Card with envelope 6 x 6 inches (15 x 15 cm.)

For your protection, delivered in clear cellophane sleeves

Make this card a special gift for a loved one!

 P E C I  A L :    F R E E   R E I G H T  &  A N D L I N G

Available Qty: 1